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Biodynamic Agriculture

Bio-dynamic Agriculture
Bio-dynamic agriculture originated out of the spiritual scientific research of the Austrian seer, scientist and philospher Rudolph Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy and Waldorf education among
other things. In 1924, when asked by German farmers, soil scientists and veterinarians to elaborate onsolutions to a number of problems being experienced in agriculture, Steiner presented a series of 8 lectures now published as 'Agriculture.' Even as far back as 1924, the use of chemicals in agriculture was causing concern with respect to viability of seeds, deteriorating food quality, and greater difficulties for health of both livestock and crops.

Biodynamic agriculture is essentially a way of fertilizing soil and plants using special herbal preparations, which are used to inoculate compost. The herbs (chamomile, dandelion, yarrow, stinging nettle, valerian and oak bark) are placed in animal parts (intestines, stomach lining, stag bladder) and buried in the earth at certain times of year to absorb specific cosmic energies. These prepared herbs help to balance the limestone/silica forces in the soil. Additional spray preparations are also utilized in the bio-dynamic approach and include cow manure and silica processed in a cow horn, as well as horsetail herb.

The purpose of soil balancing is to provide truly nutritious food. To understand the importance of these procedures one must rethink traditional ways of looking at both agriculture and nutrition. The conventional model portrays agriculture and nutrition supplying the soil and our bodies with certain substances: so many pounds of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potash (K), and so many grams of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. However, the body receives its nutrition from the forces assimilated by fruits, grains and vegetables, assimilated from the soil, water and air which in turn have been permeated by the forces of the sun, moon and other planets. Given the current scientific paradigm and its inflated view of its truth (similar to the current medical profession's disparagement of homeopathy), the notion of forces as a central factor in growing and nutrition requires rethinking and an open mind.

Growing and eating organic produce is an important first step in improving one's nutrition by recognizing that the chemicals used by growers are detrimental to health and the environment and are used primarily so the consumer has cosmetically perfect looking produce. Bio-dynamic growers are organic growers who provide another dimension to nutritious food, the kind of food essential to those seeking spiritual advancement.

Written by: Maracah Orchard - James Marquardt

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Suggested Reading List

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