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About the Farm
When my husband Ira and I turned into the driveway of the Farm on a wintery afternoon in January of 1999, I literally had a Technicolor vision of zinnias, sunflowers and wildflowers and immediately knew I had to buy the farm and start planting. Shortly after, I met Jeff Frank, who founded the Nature Lyceum in Westhampton,NY (www.thenaturelyceum.org). It was the only organic school in the country at that time. Since I knew I wanted to only grow organically, I enrolled in the school and was overwhelmed by the knowledge of the instructors. That is where I first learned about biodynamics.

The instant I heard the word "biodynamics" I felt I had to learn everything about the practice. With Jeff's help, I started putting the biodynamic preparations out on our farm and was immediately impressed with the vibrancy, color and life force evident in the soil and plants. (For more information on biodynamic preparations or biodynamics in general, visit www.jpibiodynamics.org.)

Next, I enrolled at the Pfeiffer Center in Chestnut Valley, NY (www.pfeiffercenter.org) which offers a one-year part-time study of biodynamics. This really got me excited and I started putting out more and more biodynamic preparations, making tons of biodynamic compost, going to biodynamic
conventions, planting and sowing using the biodynamic calendar and reading every book and newsletter
about biodynamics that I could find. Our farm came alive.

The flowers, fruits and vegetables were prolific, beautiful and delicious. Our food is truly medicine. Biodynamics is not just materials inputs, but aids in the attraction of the positive cosmic forces to the soil and the plants. This enlivens the soil and plants in a synergistic way that allows them naturally to reach their greatest potential. Biodynamics is sustainable agriculture at its best--for over time it will alchemically change any toxic soil into beautiful microbe-rich humus.

Please join me for a walk and talk about the Farm.

KK Haspel

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